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Our boldest design yet! A striking fuchsia geometric design on a royal navy background. You are sure to be the trend-setter at your next mommy meet up!

  • 92% Polyester 8% Spandex
  • Machine wash cold; gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low or hang to dry when possible.

Includes:Seven Baby Wrap
Material:92% Polyester 8% Spandex
Care and Cleaning:Machine wash cold; gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low or hang to dry when possible.
Product Weight:Approx. 2.2 pounds
Carry Weight:8lbs - 35lbs
Dimensions:Approx. 19 ft. 6 in. long, 18 in. at widest point
Rating Value

Ordered on
Jul 21st, 2020
Reviewed on
Jul 31st, 2020
Beautiful color cant wait to use it
Ordered on
Jun 28th, 2020
Reviewed on
Jul 29th, 2020
I never got it and want a refund after waiting for two months for it to arrive and having been charged for it and reassured it would come when it clearly didn't.
Samantha Richards
Ordered on
Jun 6th, 2020
Reviewed on
Jun 11th, 2020
material is nice and soft, extra stretchy. But it is way to big, I followed instruction to put it on and even wrapped it around me 2x but the extra fabric is touching the floor
Roxanne VunCannon
Ordered on
Apr 24th, 2020
Reviewed on
May 24th, 2020
I received this product and I used it right away. My baby is 3 weeks old and she loves it, the closeness she have with me. Puts her right to sleep. She is so calm in it. Definitely 5 stars
Jennifer Burrus
Ordered on
Apr 29th, 2020
Reviewed on
May 13th, 2020
Haven't had time to use it,but it's very soft and I love the pattern
Ordered on
Aug 13th, 2019
Reviewed on
Nov 21st, 2019
Very easy to understand directions, super comfy & great quality!
Ordered on
Feb 14th, 2019
Reviewed on
Feb 28th, 2019
This wrap is amazing. I can get so much done with the baby securely attached to me. I love this product.
Ordered on
Jul 26th, 2020
Reviewed on
Aug 5th, 2020
Dany-Laure Durand
Ordered on
Apr 9th, 2020
Reviewed on
Apr 22nd, 2020

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