Step 1

Fold your sling and put it on as directed. Hold your baby so that her head is against the same shoulder the sling is resting on.


Step 2

With the baby in a seated position place her higher on our torso above the pouch of the sling. Use the other hand to pull out the outer edge so that it clears the baby's bottom while still supporting her with the other arm, lining the seam up with the baby's bottom.


Step 3

Begin to lower her, bottom first, into the sling. Baby's ankles will remain crossed and on top of her body.


Step 4

Continue to slide her into the pouch and tuck her in. SHe should be between both layers of fabric all while still being supported by the non-dominate arm.


Step 5

The head will be last and only when the diaper has completed reached the bottom. Her head should rest comfortably against you.


Step 6

Pull up the fabric on both sides of the sling to be sure that the baby is centered on the pouch, The baby's chin should not be pressed against her chest.

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